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Allen Lee's family, from J S D Physio - Rehab & Acupuncture is from South Korea. He has passed down 6th generation knowledge of traditional natural treatment (from universal spirit philosophy, geomancy, reiki, bone therapy, Qigong, acupuncture, herbology to tuina) from ancestors. He inherited natural healing clinics that had been very famous for gynecology disease, internal disease, and Ophthalmology from South Korea. He is Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Medicine. His son and daughter are also five generations Physical Therapist and RAc., RTCMP. And his brother is also opening the Natural Wellness Centre in Little Neck, New York.

He established  J S D Physio - Rehab & Acupuncture at North York and has been helping people around the area. He is known for his diligent work ethic and his extraordinary healing skills. JSD Clinic has been passed down for five generations and to be continued.

He has established international Korean traditional medicine school for future practitioners in Canada. He is a member of Canadian Ophthalmological Society, and US alternative medicine member. He is an inventor of new innovative treatment with trade-mark from Canadian Federal government and leads Canadian and US natural medicine organization.

With combination of his experience and ancestors experience on acupuncture and Korean traditional treatment, Allen  Lee form  JSD Clinic had been noticing the limitation in treating modern disease given such environmental changes compare to recent years. He has dedicated his life innovating Korean traditional treatment.

Our lifestyle from days when there were no light and compare to now is very different from eating, drinking, activities, whole life has changed significantly compare to the old days. The level of stress that our body and mind gets is more intense. Therefore, the disease has been also evolving as our lifestyle has been improving but, the traditional treatment technique is stuck in the past.

For example, the traditional treatment (acupuncture, cupping, moxi) has been developed when there was no electricity or computer, but the technique is still being used through the world. Also, environmental conditions for medicinal herbs had been changed so much compare to old days. The techniques and tools and machines had changed a lot as well. It feels like wearing an old costume with neck ties and dress shoes.

We feel that old fashioned way of traditional treatment would not be able to catch up the new revolutionized disease. With tremendous effort to innovate the treatment with combination of traditional and modern treatment, we now have invented innovative treatment. We have Trade-Mark from Canadian government on the treatments and as well as on the equipment. With combined work with SM Biotechnology, we have been treating patients with rare diseases and common diseases and passing down the technique and treatment to US, Korea, and Japan.

Also, Allen Lee from JSD Clinic dedicated his life in improving traditional medicine.


At  JSD Clinic, we only use natural herbs with traditional and secret recipe that has been passing down five generation ancestors, coupled with SM Biotechnology research and development team has developed convenient and highly effective medicines. These medicines from cold and diabetes and cancer, combination of traditional and modern techniques that have been implemented through.

Welcome to JSD Clinic


The Comprehensive and Innovative Care We Offer at  JSD Clinic


Physiotherapy, Acupuncture & TCMP, Chiropractor, RMT Massage, Tuina Therapy, Fermented Natural Herbal Medicine, Acupressure, Qigong & Skin Scraping, Nutrition Therapy, Meditational Therapy, Self-healing Exercise Coaching.

Our innovative therapy is highly effective in treating the following illnesses:

All kinds of Circulatory disorders, Cancer, Leukemia, Insomnia, Aftereffects of motor vehicle accidents, various types of pain, Gastric disorder due to indigestion, Stress-related illnesses, Chest pain, Skin disorders, Thyroid disorders, Prostate disease, Hemorrhoids, Headaches, Migraine, Neck/ Shoulder/ Back pain & muscle spasm, Cold, Flu, Post-stroke sequelae, Knee & ankle pain, etc..

Traditional Nutritional


  • Children’s Health/Anti Aging Supplements

  • Blood Sugar Maintenance/Digestive Health

  • Heart Health/Skin Health

  • Women’s Health/Antioxidants

  • Bone & Joint Health/General Health

  • Energy & Mind Enhancement/ Sports Nutrition

  • Vision Health/The Science of Nutraceuticals

Off-Site Services


  • Workplace Wellness Solutions

       Traditional Programs​​

  • Assessment Services Programs

Practitioners' Qualification

  • Pain Management Specialist

  • PT. (Physical Therapist)

  • DC. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

  • RHP. (R. Holistic Practitioner)

  • AMP. (Alternative Medical Practitioner)

  • PVA. (Practitioner of Veterinary Acupuncture)

  • LTP. (Lymph Therapy Practitioner)

  • R.Ac./ R.TCMP. (Registered Acupuncturist/ Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

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